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The Rat's Whhiskers


I got Brownie, Apricot, and Cecily all at the same time. Someone had left a cage of three female rats at a friends house for babysitting and never returned for them. When I got them, Brownie and Apricot (as I named them) were suffering from pneumonia/chest infections after living in their cage full of sodden cedar shavings. They immediately received large doses of antibiotics. Apricot only survived a few months after I got her. Brownie, despite being elderly, continued to live. She was super friendly and would jump up out of the cage when you opened it, clambering up your arm onto your shoulder. When let loose, she would wander all over the place at a quick rate. That's how she got the nickname "Rambling Rat". Cecily continues to live at this date, now elderly herself but continuing to rip up paper at an astounding rate. Her story is on another page.

"So Rambling Rat, where are you going to today?" she would be asked. Brownie would just chitter a bit and start rambling on. Brownie passed away from a combination of old age and a tumour approx. a year later. She was dear little friendly thing, always neat and tidy, and extremely polite.

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