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The Rat's Whiskers
Ramen Noodle Variations

Someone's got to eat 'em.

Food Bowl
Note - Essential Seasoning

To pep up your Ramen Noodle Soup from it's ordinaryness, you need soy sauce and powdered ginger. Add these until your soup is salty and hot enough. You can also add sesame or peanut oil to deepen the flavour. Cayenne pepper, tabasco sauce, chili powder, and curry powder also can give your noodles a boost.

#1 - Tofu Ramen

Make your Ramen soup. When you've added the flavour packets and seasoning, drop in a package of tofu that has been chopped into cubes. Add pre-cooked or canned veggies. Simmer a few minutes to get the flavour in the tofu.

#2 - Meat

Make your soup. Tear up any decent meat you have in the fridge (cooked chicken, sliced ham, roast turkey, etc. not bacon) and throw into soup at the same time as flavour packets. Stew around until done.

#3 - Sesame Nuts

Take your soup and throw in sesame seeds and crumbled cashew nuts. Cook until seeds are tender. Goes well with chicken flavour. This one's good with extra ginger, sesame oil, and lemon grass.

Link to The Shin-Yokohama Ramen Noodle Museum

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