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The Rat's Whiskers

"Yeah, Manic Panic sux, the best I've used is Special Effects and Raw, looks good if you bleach your hair before you do it." - Chaos, Aug 29 2001

"I have a question. I was wondering how can I fade several colors into each other in my hair. Like for example, i want the top of my hawk to fade into a different color as it goes down to the base, like jake from the casualties. btw this site is kewl, i like using knox for my mohawk, it dries faster than elmers glue and holds up my hair 10 inches high. email me if u have advice on fading, thanx. Oh and Put In a twice in much ( just because) it's a lot better." - jonny, Aug 04 2001

"Well Umm First Before you put any color in your hair.. you should bleach your hair first so the color will stay in longer. Oh and Put In a twice in much ( just because) it's a lot better." - Chloe, Jul 19 2001

"manic panic sux a big one. use anything made by jerome russel. punk colour, punky professional, etc." - Maxwell McSkanks, Jul 26 2001

"I frequently bleach my hair out and though at first it turned out to be the consistency of gum,my love affair with it has grown tremendously in the past few years and through my experience I have used a product called Anti-Snap by Redken and put in the ends of my hair just prior to bleaching and the effect is simply ghetto fabulous your hair no longer feels like straw,and the bleach works just marvelously. Also, Feria bleach has worked the best for me so far."- CoUrTnEy, Jun 22 2001

"If you are going to dye you hair with real dye and you want it to stay mix in some bleach form a kit and the color won't fade from the day you dye it! It is extra permanent. For SPIKES use Elmers Wood Glue."- Erica, Apr 29 2001

"use egg whites and food coloring. it's awesome!! if you do blue and have dark hair it will turn out a bluish green! i havent tried any other colors yet, but i will soon! it works! if you have short hair like mine, only use one egg. but the longer the hair, the more eggs you need. first, shampoo your hair. then poor baking powder all over your head. (this dryes out your hair, so that your hair will absorb more dye) shampoo again, but dont completly dry. ONLY TOWEL DRY this is extremly important. apply dye with paint brush, leave it set for 15 minutes and, voila! instant colored hair! it also rinses out on the first shampoo. this is a good thing if you dont want your parents to find out! try it and have fun! remember, it's only hair, so do what ever you want. it will grow back. thanks for reading this."- Justin Nixon, Apr 13 2001

"dye your hair with food coloring and boiling water in a pot but try not to get the water on your scalp it hurts. good for blood rooting." - Punker, Apr 11 2001

"2 words.....Kool - Aid." - Zeke Keegan, Mar 08 2001

"if you dont care about your hair at all....try paint. i never had the patience for "drying" when i had my 'hawk so i'd just put it in little ponytails or braids or something...tie the ends with bits of wire...and then spray paint the whole mess. made life fun."- me, Mar 06 2001

homemade hair coloring only - Jeanette Samson, Feb 04 2001

Of dyeing hair, if you have light hair you can mix up some koolaid and soak your head in it for awhile, this is a cheap way to do it, and after you are done, you can drink the stuff if you are stupid. - Russell

Hey if you want a nancy spungen,or courtney love look, you'll want to bleach your hair, not with just any bleach, you need a bleaching kit. Don't buy the bleaching kit the guys buy to bleach the tips of of there hair because it really makes your hair fall out easy if you hair is medium short to long. You need to buy a kit of bleaching bottles and packets,that also includes this stuff called blue packets,they really take out reds and blacks well. If you need any more advice with coloring your hair, spiking it, straightening it or curling it, let me know. E-mail me if you want advice on making coloring for hair or on how to make homemade punk rock pins for your leather jackets. - Nicole

If yer parents won't let you bye hair dye, food colouring kinda works and you can get it to stick out by wrapping it around that wire stuff that bends. - Daft Pixie

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